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As you can see Wilson has made himself right at home. He brings so much joy to our lives every single day. He has the best personality and is loving his toys, the backyard and being outside. He is such a good boy and we are so happy we were able to rescue through Castle of Dreams and complete our family by giving Wilson his forever home.

Words cannot begin to describe the amount of joy Wilson has brought to our home. He has the best personality, he is sweet, loving and so much fun to have in our lives. He is loving all his toys, being in the backyard and running around, going for walks and lounging on the couch. We never thought by giving Wilson his forever home we would be completing our family. Thank you Castle of Dreams for making our family whole.

Wilson (formerly Sir Jennings) has completed our family. He has such an amazing personality, he is funny and full of energy. Wilson recently developed a love for the beach and fetching tennis balls in the backyard. He is such a gentleman who sits before he eats (and while he eats). We love Wilson and he loves us all. He gets excited whenever anyone walks into the house and loves belly rubs. He has claimed his spot on our couch, in our bed and most importantly in our hearts.

Kalli & Diesel

Kalli & Diesel (formerly Spotette & Shayla) came into out lives a few weeks back thanks to my cousin who works with CODAR. Kalli was so sweet & lovey from the start and loved to snuggle & play so her named fit her. We named Shayla Diesel as she is like a freight train, fun feisty & lovey. These little girls have been such a blessing to the family, we just love them so much and can’t thank CODAR enough for bringing them into our life!!!!!


UPDATE – Scruffy loves to drop in on CODAR’s facebook page and share photos and send messages to everyone he’s such a good boy! Not a day goes by that I’m not thankful to have him in my life! He now shares his life with his 3 rescued siblings his best buddy, Mr. Peanut that came with me the day Scruffy was adopted, and his sisters, Emily and Tootsie both discarded puppy mill breeding girls…. he loves to spend days in the yard protecting us from the ever present SQUIRRELS!! I even had his picture taken by a professional photographer we all wore matching polo shirts for our pictures! LOL “The kids” got me flowers and a card for my birthday in April so sweet! I love Scruffy so very much! We want to thank you for all you do to rescue those that didn’t have a chance ….


About 3 years ago, my wife was on this website looking for possible adoptions for our family. She came across a picture of a dog and after giving it some thought, she had a volunteer bring our now dog, Bella, over for a visit. So after discussing her situation a bit, we figured we would try and see how she would fit in and interact with our family. For the first week or two, all Bella could do would cower in the corner shaking often times uncontrollably. We had learned a little about her past and she was absolutely terrified of me. For the first few weeks all she would do is cling to my wife. I swore she didn’t like men. I felt terrible and thought she would never adjust, or let alone give affection.

Anyway, fast forward a few years later and now look at her. I thought I would share this happy ending, or should I say, beginning. She is truly a gift that her family truly cherishes. And as you can see from this collection of pictures, she seems to have adjusted just fine! Maybe a little too fine. Happy, comfortable and restful.

Thank you Castle of Dreams for bringing this dog to us. She brings us great happiness and it only proves that dreams can come true for everyone.


We adopted Molly on May 7th! She has been such a pleasure! Happy and loving always grateful to have her belly rubbed! She is acclimating nicely to our everyday lives. We are so happy she is a part of our lives.


Last year I adopted karma (Kendra) from your organization and she’s been a wonderful fun loving addition to our family. Our family thanks you for her and hope to do it again soon.


Harry’s foster mom said he was adopted for his forever home and they brought him back since he was born deaf and couldn’t handle it. I took a chance on him and he is the sweetest little boy! It’s been almost 3 years now. He follows my other Castle of Dreams baby, Cosmo.

Rocky and Buddy

We recently went to an open house at PetSmart in Holmdel to learn a little more about Castle of Dreams Animal Rescue. Plus one of our neighbors had adopted from CODAR a few years back as well, so they came with a recommendation.

We saw a pic on their website of a puppy that we wanted to meet. They were nice enough to arrange it so we could meet him the same day. When we met the pup, my oldest daughter and wife really liked him. Turns out it was not the pup we wanted to see, so we waited for the 2nd one to show up. And when he showed up, my youngest daughter and I really liked him. See where this is going? So we adopted both!

Here are Rocky (aka King Phil) and Buddy (aka Sir Hustle). Both are doing great! And the entire family could not be happier.

Thanks to all at CODAR for everything they did. Special thanks to Jack and Bridget for taking care of Rocky and Buddy while in their foster care.

Charo and Rigby

At 11 months old adapting to our cat and officially a family! Perfect pint sized dogs with great personalities to match.


We fostered Brandy and adopted her last year and she is a truly amazing girl. She bonded very well with our girl Roxie from the time she arrived at our house. Brandy is in her 2nd year of the 4H Dog Club and is doing extremely well. Brandy is handled by our son, Matthew and he has done one amazing job with her. Brandy competes in Obedience, Rally and Agility and has acquired a few qualifying scores. Although Brandy does get car sick, she loves to go with us as much as possible. Brandy loves to go to the dog park and get some added exercise with all the other dogs. Now that she has calmed down from the exuberant puppy stage, we are planning on having her become a therapy dog as she loves people and her sweet temperament will be ideal. We love having her as a part of our family.

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