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Lady Dutchess (aka Nonni)

It’s been exactly one year Christmas Day since we lost our Caseygirl. She lived a good long life but we will forever be Heartbroken.

We tried a few times to look at dogs but left crying. As Xmas Neared we tried again and looked at so many dogs on line but Just looked – AND THEN Nonni!!!

It took one look and she melted our hearts- We just knew! It was important for all if us to have her on Xmas day if possible.

We cried again as we hung a crystal ornament of our Caseygirl on the tree and then contacted Castle of Dreams for Nonni. We picked her up at noon TODAY and here she is before entering her FOREVER home and getting settled in. THANK YOU CASTLE OF DREAMS FOR MAKING OUR DREAM COME TRUE!
The Conklin Family

Miss Coco Rochelle, RN

This is a follow-up to my previous posting. Coco (formerly Rochelle) has been with me 8 months now (adopted April 2013). I registered her in the AKC Canine Partners program. she has actually been in 3 dog shows doing Rally obedience, and has placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. She now has a Rally Novice (RN) AKC title.

Coco is a Yorkie/Schepperke mix. I understand 4 of her puppies were also adopted via Castle of Dreams last April. I hope they are doing well also.

Adopting Coco is the best decision I ever made! I may have been good for her, but she has been GREAT for me!

Shelby aka Jeannie

Her name is now Shelby aka Jeannie.
The reason for the name change is simple: she shall be happy
She shall be loved
She shall be safe
Shelby and my Ottis get along great always taking naps together.
Shelby has come a long way in a Very short time learning to trust us; we just really need to get the potty thing started. All this love and trust she gives it hard to believe someone would want to hurt her. Thanks to Castle of Dreams that life is behind her now


One Saturday we stopped at the pet store to buy cat food for our four cats. When we went in we saw a women (Evelyn) holding a puppy and two were in a crate (Zorra and Zorro)…we started talking to Evelyn and we showed interest in a small puppy to add to our family. Within 2 seconds of my fiance (Henry) holding Zorro and him licking Henrys face we knew we found our puppy! We can’t tell enough people about Castle of Dreams and we can’t thank you all enough about how much joy and love he brings to our family! I can say he’s a momma’s boy! Thank you again!!!!!


After the recent loss of my dog Bo, I didn’t think I was ready to foster yet adopt another so soon. After an email from Pam saying she needed homes for dogs being rescued from a horrible puppymill, I decided to open my heart and home. Previously known only as # 57, she quickly learned how loving a human touch could be. I never expected to feel so bonded with another dog so soon. After a few days of fostering Sophie, I could not imagine her being adopted by anyone else. She is now a permanent member of our family!

Rigby and Charo

Fell in love with “Teeny and Tiny” (now Rigby and Charo) Needed these smaller dogs to accept our 2 adult cats into their pack. With love, time and patience we are becoming a real family. The foster home of Pamela was a great start! Thank you again for making our dreams possible!


My family and I adopted Fiona on St. Patrick’s Day of this year. She was called “Black Beauty” and was only 10 weeks old. I saw her picture on Petfinder and filled out an application. After meeting her my family and I fell in love. We cannot imagine our house without her. She has an amazing personality, and makes us laugh every day. She loves going to the dog park to hangout with her dog friends. She also enjoys napping, reading the paper, and long walks around the park. She is a happy, adorable puppy who is loved by all that meet her!


We adopted Oliver (fka-Apache) when he was just 8 weeks old, he is now 4 months old. He has brought so much love and joy into our family that we cannot imagine our lives without him. He is so sweet and loving, he loves kids, other dogs, and wants (and expects) everyone we meet to stop and say hello. His foster mom was so sweet and supportive I know I can go to her, even now, if I have any questions or concerns. Thank you CODAR for bringing Ollie into our lives, he is best friend anyone could ask for!


I adopted Beca last year a beautiful brown and white Chihuahua from Nancy Castle of Dreams. It was after I lost my 14 year old Hope , what I can say is she is a gift to me and my family and Nancy was the gift giver. Beca was abused and now because of gifted people like Nancy she is loved in her forever home. THANK YOU NANCY.


Adopted her last Sunday and she happy getting spoiled. Thanks to Kelly for saving a great dog and entrusting to raise her. She listens to commands even tell her time for bed she goes her bed and sleeps straight through the night. Thank you again