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Shelby aka Jeanie

As written by Shelby

I’ve been in my forever home since 12/18/13 and I know for sure that I am home to stay, loved like I’ve never been loved and safe as could be. My ma ma has taught me that life is good! She is always talking to me and spends lots of time with me either walking or just laying around together. One of my favorite things to do is go for rides in the car. Ma ma tells me that I’m the best little traveler she has ever seen!

The past year and ten months have been the best but Ma ma says the best is yet to come.

Zoey and Daisy Mae

We adopted Zoey four years ago and then Daisy two years ago. We couldn’t be happier and neither can they!


I have always grown up with dogs and since my boyfriend and I moved in together I have been asking for a new dog. Last November we bought our first house together and this past Christmas I was given the best present ever. When I came home from work 3 days before Christmas there he was – “Sir Stewie” was his name and he is the best dog we could have asked for. His new name is Mackie and he has completed our little family. He is fantastic with kids, loves having his daily play dates with other dogs, (his best friend is a 110 lb lab mix!), eats more sticks than we can count and jumps about 4.5ft in the air when we come home. Mackie is one of a kind and quickly steals the hearts of everyone he meets. Thank you for helping us bring him home!!!


me and my boyfriend john both grew up around dogs i have a 10 year old gernan shepard maltesse . he had a german shepard pincher we loved them very much but we moved it together and something was missing a puppy now we have a reptile and baby hamsters and our home also has my 10 year old dog trooper but we knew we knew in our hearts we wanted a puppy

so instead of buy one at any old puppy store we decided to adopt we happened to be going to petsmart in woodbridge nj to buy iguana and hamster food and walked in and saw him its was toad instantly we knew we wanted him the most energentic loving puppy he was ours

so a day after he came home with us now he is part of the family .
the love i have for this little guy already for just having him over a week now.
no matter what kind of mood im in he always comes running up and kisses me licks me cuddles with us . thank you so much castle of dreams for doing what you guys do
and for giving us toad ♡


I adopted Honey 4th of July weekend 2014. She had recently arrived from out of state with her 7 puppies.

She has become a huge part of my life so much so that its hard to believe that she has only been with me going on one year.

Honey has become best buddies with my cat, Magnus, they are always together. Honey loves to go exploring at the wetlands nature park or going for long hikes. Everyone always comments when they see her due to her eyes; one brown and one blue. And she is quite a hit with the neighborhood kids.

she is my best friend.


After losing my beloved Shepard mix, I wasn’t sure about getting another dog. We are at a time in out lives that a puppy would not work for us. I started looking at adoption sites and found Leo. Leo has a rough past and needed a quite home. We arranged to meet Leo and then decided to do a trial but because of Leo’s fearful issues that was extended to 2 months. I think I knew the moment that I met him that we were destined. I signed the papers and he is mine. He is happy and we are working on his issues. What a sweetheart!!!


My girlfriend and I were looking to get our first dog together and we came across castle of dreams while searching for adoption agencies in the central jersey area. When we first met Kylie (formerly Lily) we could tell right away she would be perfect for us. I spend nearly every minute of my day with this puppy since she comes to work with me daily. She has such a calming demeanor for a 4 month old puppy and is so intelligent. She has been nothing short of amazing. Thanks so much. You guys have been very helpful throughout the whole process.


We have a 6 year old son and decided we wanted a dog. Pat and I hadn’t had a dog since we were kids but we knew the joy they brought and wanted that for our son. So secretly we were both online kind of dipping our toe in. I had found an 8 month old terrier mix and put in the application then came home and told my husband 🙂 The foster mom Susan said they reviewed our application but most likely he was very close to being adopted by another family. I had told her I was looking for a Schnauzer/terrier mix. She said take a look at our site, we just started fostering Bandit and he is a Schnauzer mix. We met him on a Thursday and he was ours on Saturday April 11,2015. Needless to say we are in love with him. I didn’t think I could love a dog as much as I do this one, he is such a wonderful addition to our family…plus to see my son’s smile is worth it. He stole our hearts that Bandit…a happy beginning.


Jake joined our little family in March of 2015. He was rescued from the south and was very skittish when we first got him. The first night he was in the home, it took him nearly two hours to make his way from the kitchen to the living room (Which is about twenty feet.) But, here we are a month later. Jake loves going for walks down the bay, playing with the neighborhood dogs, and chasing his two feline pals (Salem and Finn) all around the house. He’s still coming around, but he has definitely broken out of his shell quickly. I don’t think that I rescued Jake, but that rescued me, and I’m so grateful we found each other! He’s my buddy and I’ve never been so happy!

Emma (Oreo)

Our German Shepherd passed away and we were looking for a smaller dog when we saw Oreo’s face. She won us over right away. She makes us laugh every day and brings so much joy into our family. It was love at first sight. Thank you CODAR for doing such a great jobs in finding homes for so many deserving animals.