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This is Murphy, relaxing on the couch – feeling right at home! When he was with CODAR, he was named Zeus, but since we already have a rescue cat named Zeus, we decided to name him Murphy! Murphy has become a welcome addition to our collection of rescue animals, and has fit right in. Though he is the youngest of our brood, he has quickly become a “big brother,” to all of our animals, and has made his presence known throughout the house and the neighborhood! His foster mom Liana was great and very honest with whatever they knew about him, which only added to the ease of his adoption and settling in!


As soon as I saw Scruffy on PetFinder I knew he was the dog I had been looking for….. when my friends drove me to NJ to get him it was an 8 hr round-trip and Mr. Peanut and I both fell in love with Scruffy! He is a wonderful dog! Scruffy loves running with Peanut in the yard and sleeping in the bed I made for him! He snuggles up next to me at night and gives me kisses…..we dressed up as a family for Halloween and he got to go see Santa this year! He also had a birthday party with his own cake and presents! Thank you so much for giving Scruffy a chance and getting him from the high-kill shelter.. I don’t know what I’d do without my beautiful big wonderful boy! Thank you for saving him!


My husband and I have been wanting a dog for a while. We found Blake and he has completely changed our lives. He loves long walks, watching Packers football in his jersey and playing with his numerous toys around the apartment. We couldn’t be happier and feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to resue 6 year old, Blake!


Well since I didn’t know when Scruffy’s real birthday was…… and they thought he was between 1 – 2 years old I gave him a birthday of 10/10/10……. I just like the date!

So TODAY we had his first birthday party!!!!!

Happy Birthday Scruffy…… I hope you liked your party!!!!!!! We had your brother, Peanut and sister, Emily and your neighbor playmate, Bandit……. and we had our neighbors Laura, Paige, Nicolee and Kaylynn………. and you got 2 new toys!

I doubt he’s had a birthday party before……. he seemed surprised!


Ziva White. Adopted for Castle of Dreams January 2009. We are very grateful for Ziva becoming a member of our family.


“Olivia” has been renamed “Maddy”. She’s doing great! Following Keith everywhere he goes!
Thank you for everything!


Bentley is doing great. He is potty trained, he has so much energy so he always wants to play and he’s so excited to go for walks. He got so big, bigger then the picture is below. This picture is from July 4.He’s so loveable, he’s always giving kisses haha. Vinny and I are very happy to have Bentley and were excited to see him grow up.


Hello again. As you know, we were lucky enough to be the family to get Abbey. I just wanted to give you an update & let you know she is doing great! She loves playing & running around with our 3 boys & she is so friendly. Glad she has become a part of our family. Thank you to your organization for giving her & other animals a second chance. I’ve attached some pics of her. Best, the Bucco Family


I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how wonderful Teddy has been doing! He is our absolute pride and joy and the best addition we ever could had made. He loves his big brother Aladdin and still follows him everywhere. He is never too far from us. He is so gentle, playful, loyal, and super smart! He loves to cuddle, give kisses, and go for rides in the car. He also comes to all the kids sporting events! Their whole team has come to know and love him also. He is the unofficial mascot! He never ceases to amaze us and make us laugh all the time. I feel bad for him when he is trying to rest because nobody can pass him without picking him up and giving him a hug and a kiss! He just passed puppy kindergarten with flying colors and was definitely the star student! We thank you for fostering Teddy and making him into the amazing dog he is today! You played a big part in making him absolutely perfect!!! I can’t thank you enough.

Forever in your debt,
The Cataneo Family


This is Victoria laying on the kitchen floor while I cook dinner. She is doing really well I haven’t had to use the leash she isn’t hiding at all. She sleeps in our room on my side of the bed. I am very happy we decided to take her. Thank you