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We thought you might like a update on Holly’s progress. She continues to settle in and is just a GREAT DOG! She is very social and loving. We had a houseful of 20 people on Christmas Day and we left her in her crate as people were arriving because it was too much confusion for her, but once everyone was in and settled we let her out and she went around and greeted everyone and then settled in for the night. By the time we were eating dessert Holly was asleep under the Dining room table! We had several little ones with us and she did great with them as well.

In other news, she is just really REALLY smart. There isn’t anything that we’ve worked on in regards to training that she hasn’t caught on to immediately. She is walking very well on the leash and tonight in about 5 minutes I taught her how to shake hands. My mom has been visiting and she’s fallen in love with Holly as well. Admittedly Holly is really sucking up to her big time! 🙂

As you know, she is so dark that it is hard to get a good picture of her but I took this one on Christmas Day and thought you might like it. Thank you again for getting her off to a great start and trusting her to our care.

RoseAnn, Tom and Alyssa


We looked for months for the perfect companion for our Dane mix boy, Doodle. We met many candidates, but when Tess came to visit, we knew she was the one. Tess and Doodle hit it off immediately, and they haven’t stopped playing since!! We are grateful to Castle of Dreams for facilitating our adoption, and to Jen, the foster Mom for being so nice and helpful!!

The Kenny Family
Cinnaminson, NJ


We adopted our puppy Max in October 2011. We are so glad we found him; he is a wonderful addition to our family! He’s only 3 months old, and is already house trained, knows how to sit, lay down, give his paw and more! Rescuing him was the best decision we ever made! Thank you CODAR for helping us find our baby!
The Kosa Family


Rescuing is a way to give a dog another chance at a happy life… Elsa brings such joy to my family. Everyone we encounter thinks she is a beautiful dog and she has a wonderful disposition. Thank you again for bringing Elsa and I together. We LOVE her!!!


I just wanted to share my story. Back in 2008 I had inquired about a min-pin Chihuahua mix named King Ty. Growing up I had always wanted a Chihuahua but my parents were against it as due to the stereo type about the breed. So one day I googled where can I adopt a Chihuahua Castle-of-Dreams came up first and being local I clicked the link. He was the first picture and I fell in love. He looked just like my childhood dog(color wise and body) I had to inquire. After hearing his story I knew I wanted to give him a home. Castle of Dreams made it so easy as I got to meet Ty the next day. Instantly the bond was there he had become my best friend. He quickly became at home became friendly with my cats , yes he likes to boss them around but he runs his house. He loves attention loves playing and loves car rides. He has been with me for 3 going on 4 years now but I just wanted to share my happy story and how Ty continues to bring me such joy each day with his love. I couldn’t have asked for a better addition to my family. He truly is my best friend all thanks to Castle of Dreams.
Jason Castellucci


We adopted Fiona on May 3, 2011. She was about 14 lbs then and now at 8 months old she is about 45 lbs. Fiona is a very happy puppy. She has been through training and knows several commands and is working on leash walking. She loves to go out for a walk in the neighborhood as she has several friends that welcome her with dog biscuits. Fiona loves everyone she meets and is usually offended if someone walks by her without greeting her . We can’t get through our walk without someone stopping to ask about her breed and where she came from. She is very healthy and sleeps well in her crate during the afternoon and then all night long. She is pretty smart and loves to play outside chasing ducks and barking at sea gulls. Our thanks to CODAR for all you do for pups like Fiona. Our family looks forward to sharing a very happy life with her.


Kobe is doing great, I sent you some pictures so you can see how big he has gotten! Is behavior has improved, but he still loves to bite, I think now his teeth are just not so sharp. We are working on it daily. He has learned certain commands-sit, stay, leave it and down, we are still working on here. He is a great dog, but is extremely strong willed! I need to become a stronger leader, so that he doesn’t take advantage. All in all he is doing great!


My son died on June 16, 2011 and our house was always so sad. I cried every morning and every night. Last month I prayed to my son to help ease my pain.I got an urge to get a puppy, something I never really thought of before, but the urge became overwhelming. My husband was against getting a dog. My family pleaded with him to get my daughter and I a puppy. The next day, without me knowing, he went to the aspca. I happen to be out with friends and I called my husband. I heard all this barking in the background, but he did not find a dog. My neighbors father died, Charles Petty, and my husband was reading his obituary to find out where the wake was being held. He noticed when reading the obituary that donations were to be sent to Castle of Dreams, rescue shelter. He went to the web sight and found our little Darla. Something came over my husband and he got excited about getting a puppy. We filled out the adoption papers and Darla’s Foster mom called us. We went and got our puppy 2 weeks ago. We asked her foster mom when she was born. We know my son sent us Darla, she was born the day he died. We still have tears in our house, but there is also laughter. She has brought us so much healing and joy and I know a part of my sons spirit is in her. Thank you Castle of Dreams for giving us our beautiful puppy. We are one big happy family. I framed a picture for my neighbors mother, so that a part of Charles Petty is with her also.


I adopted “Duke”….Now “Gunner”…..the end of July. He was from a litter of 8, that came up from Missouri.. He is doing wonderful, and we love him sooooo much! I would love to have contact with the other families that adopted these pups! He was originally thought to be Boxer/Lab….but we got the Vet info from Missouri… and he’s Mastiff Mix. Doesn’t matter……we love him!!! Thanks again “Castle of Dreams!” This is Gunner…..just turned 4 months! 🙂


(Formerly Princess Pepper)

We adopted this sweet little girl in April. Castle of Dreams rescued her from a kill shelter in Missouri. She has settled in nicely and is now part of our family. My son loves to hug and kiss her. He named her Ruby. She loves to go for walks every day!

The Stolz Family