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My family recently started looking for a new dog. My parents live in a retirement community and were interested in getting a small to medium dog or puppy. We went to a couple of the meetings at Petsmart. Then we saw Chiweenie puppies added to the website. We went and met them and fell in love. Clancy is a very sweet little girl. She is learning things very quickly. She is beginning to use the weewee pads. (She hates the cold, even with a coat.) She responds to commands. She sleeps in here crate every night with the door open. Best of all, she absolutely loves my chidren. They spend a lot of time at Nana and Grandpa’s, and lets just say the time has doubled. My 5 year old needs to take care of “HIS” dog. Our experience was great and will recommend your organization any time. Your volunteers really take time to help and make sure that the animals find loving homes. Let’s just say Clancy is a true princess now!


Benny loved Florida again, it was still a little cool for Florida but warmer than here, and we missed the huge storm. Benny is doing great, he likes when my daughter brings her two dogs over and is great with other dogs and people. He likes to play with his toys and I take him on his two long walks everyday. Benny is still a great dog and companion, we just love him.
Gary, Linda & Benny

Emily Grace

I think you were at the pet expo about 2 1/2 years ago. when my now husband and I first met our dog. Her name was Princess Ebony then. We changed it to Emily Grace. She is a black lab mix. We love her. I have a ton of pictures. I attached a few…

Relaxing Wishes,
Liz Horbelt


Happy sorry there was so much time between pictures…here is Nicky and Coco on the way to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for vacation…Grandpa took a real shine to Coco and wanted to keep her but we said NO WAY…Lisa


Hi Pam, It’s been awhile since we sent you anything from RJ so I attached a pic and a couple of vids from the Asbury Park Dog Beach from today. He is 3 now and still has that tiny puppy personality. Hope you enjoy these. Hope all is well with you.
-Tim Delk


Just a quick note to let you know that Ed, formerly Beau, is doing fine , he & rocky play all the time although my cat still hides from him.he gets into a lot of mischief, he has chewed up a pair of gold earrings, 2 pens and a close hanger & stole my wife’s underwear, which i later found behind our pool, we will get even with ed on July 1st, he is scheduled at 4 paws for a snip snip job, that should calm him down a bit.

ps. ed sends his regards…..


Hi Jackie! He had a lovely day yesterday, playing in the yard with Mason (also a Castle-of-Dreams rescue), and then to dream land in a padded dog bed next to his friend. I keep them contained on a linoleum floor with a gate, but there were no mistakes. Thanks so much. Looks like a fine match. He will be dearly loved. We have our first vet appt. Monday. By the way, we decided to name him Dixon! (Mason came with his name, but we didn’t like “Scrappy” so made it Mason/Dixon, in keeping with their N. Carolina background.) Please let Jeanne and Evelyn know that all is well, and Linda, too. Thanks! Macaire Osmont


Here is an update on Parker. Last night we had the whole family here for Howie’s birthday and Parker stole the show. Even with all those people who he didn’t even know, he was terrific. He was so friendly and happy. They brought him toys and he was showing off with them big time. Everyone who meets him loves him. He is such a good dog and so affectionate. We definitely picked the right dog. Hope your summer is going well. –Ruth Ellis


Hi Lyana: I just wanted you to know that Coco is doing just fine! She pretty much ignores Nicky and he is not barking at her…my husband and youngest daughter are walking them together right now. Thank you for taking such could care of her and for bringing her to us!!! We will keep you updated and send pictures!

Take care, Lisa