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Our first year with Blade has been a blast! A little challenging at times, but I think that we’ve all found our comfort zones now.

I’ve attached a picture of him and his brother Henry enjoying their new Christmas beds. As you can see, it didn’t take long for Blade to catch up and pass Henry in size!

Enjoy the new year!

Mary Mowad


OK, attached is a picture of “Holly Snowflake” with my husband and daughters. Holly seems to have fit in quite well with our family. She LOVES to be outside, and play with the leaves and acorns. When she’s inside her favorite toy is my daughters My Little Pony, and we have to run after her to get it back! But her real favorite toy in the house is this stuffed santa that my youngest daughter got for her as a “Welcome Home” present. Thanks so much for bringing Holly into our lives. We will stay in touch to let you know how she’s growing and doing.


Hi Pam! I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Aries (we call her Nikki). She is sweet and very well-behaved. She has had a few accidents, but that is to be expected. She is getting the hang of going outside when she needs to go. She loves her crate and goes in whenever she is tired. We are so happy that it is working out and feel confident that we made the right decision.

Thanks for your help,
Mary and Ray Demirjian


I just wanted to give you an update on Gracie (AKA Queen Zoa). She is a wonderful little girl and we are so happy to have added her to our family. She fits right in! Were still working on potty training but other than that she is great! She has finally gotten rid of her kennel cough and then we found out she had tapeworms, they’re pretty much gone but she has another dose of meds to take in a week. The poor girl! Other than that, she has become my son’s little buddy and our other dog, Bailey, is just beginning to love her. She still has all that puppy energy & he doesn’t always want to deal with her. I’ve attached an adorable picture of Gracie & Bailey and I will try to send more as she grows! Thanks again, we absolutely love her!



Frida is doing VERY well! She is a happy, loyal and affectionate dog.

All the best,


We adopted our dog Lord Hector from Castle of Dreams 3 years ago.  He was only 3 months old and had been saved from a kill shelter in North Carolina.  When we adopted him, he had mange, a tick disease and was underweight.  He now leads quite the life on the beach and constantly receives compliments for being such a beautiful dog.  We are blessed to have found him with your help.




June 16, 2008, Father’s Day is certainly one of the most memorable ones for The Walling Family!! It is the day that little Coco, a 3 y.o. male Shih Tzu, became officially ours to love and enjoy. He has been such a welcome addition to our family – we can’t remember what life was like before his arrival. It is as if he has been with us forever and it has only been 3 months!! Our 3 daughters enjoy him immensely and he takes turns sleeping at the foot of each of their beds every night.

Our older Shih Tzu, Klinger (an 8 year old male), was a bit put-off at first about getting a little brother and having to share the attention but I have to say that to date they are inseparable and the very best of friends…enjoy the pics!!!

Coco (so regal looking, isn’t he???)

Coco on the left, Klinger on the right enjoying the morning sunlight that pours through the glass of our back door onto floor. This is part of their daily morning ritual :0)

After soaking up the morning sun, it is time for one of the countless games of tug-of-war that they will play throughout the day mixed in with a few rounds of “chase & play”, which we have renamed to “Huff & Puff” for obvious reasons!!!

Thank you, again, for your services and mostly for Coco and the many wonderful memories to come!

Warmest Regards,
Michael & Kathleen Walling


Hello, my wife and I adopted back in November.  According to his paperwork you sent with him, he had his first birthday on Tuesday.  But I really wanted to let you guys know that we couldn’t be happier with Sam.  He has brought much joy to our home and we have you guys to thank for that. So again i just want to say thank you and I will attach a picture of the birthday boy as well, who by the way has gotten a little bigger then your advertisement originally thought.  His last vet visit he was pushing 70lbs.  So needless to say, he’s a healthy boy.