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Sorry everyone, but no other dog could possibly compare with our Missmaloya, aka Missie, who we adopted from CODAR 3 1/2 years ago. She smiles, she howls, she cuddles, she lover our other two dogs, and she’s everything anyone could ever hope for in a dog, and then some. She’s a total nutcase and one of the sweetest dogs on earth.
She was five months old when we got her and I was told that she’d never been out of a shelter and never had a real family in a real house.
She’ll probably spend the rest of her life trying to thank us for taking her in, and we’ll make sure she knows she’s welcome here forever!

Countess Lulu

Hi. My family and I adopted Countess Lulu (golden collie mix from Georgia) from you approximately 2 years ago. I wanted to thank you. She is the most amazing dog and we can not imagine our lives without her. We have two kids under the age of five. They have re-named her Lulu Magoogoo Mazuzu Matutu. She is so gentle and loving with them. We receive frequent compliments on her and people are always shocked to hear that we found her on petfinder. We spread the word of what a great service this is to everyone who will listen. I stress the fact that your descriptions of Lulu were 100% accurate. Thank you for saving her!
Rachael D’Altrui


Hope your Christmas was Merry.  Bandit’s been to the vet and had his second round of shots.  He is growing so fast, it’s amazing.  Already his ears are standing up and he’s over 10 pounds.  Here are some pictures of him yesterday.  Enjoy!

Jo Ellen


Hi Guys,

I just wanted to drop you guys a line to let you know Sir Owen who we have renamed Bear is doing great and adjusting well. We just love him to pieces and so does our whole family. He is a very smart puppy and has been learning things very quickly. He has alot of energy and has been keeping us very busy. He loves his toys and all his bones and seems to get along well with both our cats.  We broke down and started to let him sleep with us and he loves to cuddle at night although I don’t know how long thats going to last being he is growing so fast and I don’t know how much longer we are all going to fit in the bed together….lol.  He gets very excited when we take him to the pet store, the park and for car rides and he loves all the kids and other dogs in the neighborhood.

I am attaching a couple pictures of him. The first one is from when we first brought him home a few weeks ago and the second is a little more recent.  We are so thrilled that he has come into our lives and makes a great addition to our family.

Take care guys and when we decide to adopt again we will definatly come to you guys !!

Jeremy & Alexis Herring


Lulu (lab) and her new sibings.


It has been 3 years and a day since I adopted Bailey (aka “Lord Archie”) from Castle of Dreams.

He was rescued from a kill shelter & came to me as a lab mix.  As he’s developed, I have discovered that he is mixed with Rottie.  What a great combination!!  He is extremely lovable, playful & a gentle giant. He loves chewing his bone, swimming, chasing bubbles, playing with other dogs & getting lots of attention!!  He gets along great with other dogs, children, and basically anyone!  He has the best disposition & I am so glad he has come into my life.

Thank you Castle of Dreams!


Attached please find pictures of Buddy Payne.  We adopted him from you on 2/27/07.  He has been a joy from the first day we brought him home with us.  Do you happen to know what he’s mixed with?  The adoption contract states that he’s Lab Mix.

Celeste Payne


It’s been 6 months since we adopted Harley (formerly known as Ginger) and she is doing great!  She loves living in Brooklyn….. lots of people, kids and other dogs to greet on the street!  She even has a boyfriend, Eddie, who lives down the hall.  There is a wonderful dog park just up the street where we can take her off the leash.  She really enjoys playing with the other neighborhood dogs in the park and loves playing fetch with a stick.  She also loves her home away from home, the Jersey Shore.  She went to the beach recently and had a fabulous time running in the sand.  Harley is such a great little girl. We absolutely adore her!  Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives.

Attached are a few pics of our darling Harley at home in Brooklyn lounging in one of her favorite spots and down the shore recently frolicking on the beach!

Tracy & Greg



Just wanted to let you know we are a few years later enjoying our
sweet hound we adopted from your rescue. We had a baby girl in May,
and our dogs have adapted well. Lily (previously Cheyanne) loves to
snuggle and also to bask in the sun. Although we have a smaller
house, I am able to have them inside all day, and they usually just
lay around, chewing their Nylabones. A few times a day they chase
each other until they can’t move, they are very entertaining. I am
working part time now and am home with them more and they love it.
They are such a great pair of dogs.

So I just wanted to say hi and how much we appreciate getting our dog
through you. I’m sure you all have very difficult days, and hope our
happy ending can be of some help!

Laurie Ward