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I want to thank you again for bringing Teddy into our lives. After 2 1/2 weeks, he is definitely a well-loved member of the family. We’ve introduced him to so many of our friends and they all can’t get over how sweet and gentle he is. A few have even started thinking about adopting a dog of their own after meeting Teddy!

Thanks again,

Karen, Barry, Jeremy and Stephanie


I have renamed Tabitha- Kaya. She is doing well.
The first day was rough.
She would not leave her crate and
she was still so scared.
She has been at my Aunt’s with her two dogs last week.
They got along great and she seems to love it.
It’s like puppy day camp!!
She has had a bath, probably her first and she has been to the vet. The vet gave her a clean bill of health.
She does not seem to sit long enough
for us to take a good photo!!



Sir Seth is a 12 week old shepard mix. He will be a big boy when he grows up. He is very playful and spunky if you are interested in adding a great watchdog and companion to your household, then Sir Seth is the one for you.


“Here is the picture of Selena and my children Gregory and Alyssa
for the website. She’s doing great! She’s almost sleeping through the night.
She gets up once or twice to go to the bathroom. She also cries when she
has to go and looks for her treat afterward.

It took a few days, but she’s finally adapted to the crate and goes in
willingly for naps. She’s learning to come when called and likes to
play fetch and wrestle with a stuffed dog I bought her at the pet store.
She is not hyper at all, but is frightened by new people.

BTW, we changed her name to “Colby” and she took to it right away.”


This is Sabrina aka Bree with her new brother in her new home in Boston.



Roxy was rescued from a high kill shelter in Va. She found a wonderful home in NJ. She has a brand new bed which she jumped right into as soon as she arrived at her new house. She also hasa huge yard to play in. Roxy is truly loved by her new family. Congratulations to the Fox family and Roxy for finding each other.

“Hi….just to let you know Roxy is doing great.
It’s amazing the difference a week made.
After the first week her real personality started to emerge…..
she’s gotten more energetic & playful…..
still loves her hugs & kisses….and also loves SHOES AND SNEAKERS….lol (can’t leave them lying around)
All in all she’s doing great and we love having her!

Thanks again!

Just to let you know that the shy, timid Roxy you knew,
has gone to playful, outgoing and sooooooo loving!
After she became comfortable and learned
that this is her home ….her personality changed.
She is so different from when we first got her.
She’s my “right arm” but loves everyone
in the house….including my dad who
has been living with us temporarily.
She has a “boyfriend” next door and
whenever she sees him gives him kisses all over.
It’s so funny! She loves playing with the dogs,
and everyone that meets her, loves Roxy too.

Anyway….thanks again. She’s a sweetheart!…..Donna


Rajjian is very smart, very friendly and he knows his name!!!
If he was a girl, his name would be “Dora the Explorer”!
A curious little guy! He even ran before he could walk!!!
He was looking foward to having a loving forever
home to teach him all about the world.
Well, Raj’s dream came true when he was
adopted by a wonderful family!!


Thai ( pronounced Tye) is a smart, laid back, male pup.
He know’s his name and comes when called!
Thai is a fluffy little ball of fun!
This little guy had a ruff start in life,
but he has finally found perfect forever family
and home he was searching for!!


Jake is a cute black lab mix.
He has the lab face and really fluffy fur.
He looks like a little bear cub, you just want to cuddle with.
He is very spunky, fluffy and loves to play and run around.
Jake was rescued from a local shelter in NJ.
The shelter found him as a stray wandering around the streets.

JAKE is now part of a
wonderful, loving family!!!

“We just wanted to thank you for Jake (aka Teddy).
He and Hobbes are doing just fine. Jake cried a little at
night when he was crated at bedtime but calmed down
and kept his crate dry till we took him out this morning.
He showed no signs of his food aggression
this am at feeding time. He enjoys trying to get
Hobbes to chase him with the toys.”

Thanks again,
Ida, Mark & Cal

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