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me and my boyfriend john both grew up around dogs i have a 10 year old gernan shepard maltesse . he had a german shepard pincher we loved them very much but we moved it together and something was missing a puppy now we have a reptile and baby hamsters and our home also has my 10 year old dog trooper but we knew we knew in our hearts we wanted a puppy

so instead of buy one at any old puppy store we decided to adopt we happened to be going to petsmart in woodbridge nj to buy iguana and hamster food and walked in and saw him its was toad instantly we knew we wanted him the most energentic loving puppy he was ours

so a day after he came home with us now he is part of the family .
the love i have for this little guy already for just having him over a week now.
no matter what kind of mood im in he always comes running up and kisses me licks me cuddles with us . thank you so much castle of dreams for doing what you guys do
and for giving us toad ♡