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Scout is doing great. We kept the name the same. He likes going for rides in the car and he has a new best friend Cody a little Chihuahua mix. Those two played until the both passed out on my oldest son lol My sister and my mom came down today along with my nephew. They are in love with Scout! He’s such a great dog! Thank you again Jackie. He fits in perfectly with my family.


Hi there

Just wanted to update you on Layla. She is doing really well. She really showed her puppy side when we got home running around and get into her new surroundings. She likes to sleep on the ottoman…but also we bought her a bed a petco which she refused to get off of. So we dragged it around the store with her on it! Everyone was cracking up. She is really tired.

Love, Maria , Nina and Layla


His name is now Riley, he is doing well in his new home. Very frisky.

Nancy Seber